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You may request up three items. Please note that all items are subject to availability. In the event of needing more than three items please fill the "Special Request" area below and specify the items needed, the quantity, and the number of days.

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All equipment can be checked out for a maximum of three business days. In the event of needing more days please fill the "Special Request" area below and specify the items needed, the quantity, and the number of days.


I, the above named, fully understands the equipment check out terms and agree to comply will all facility policies and procedures. Failure to comply with applicable equipment check out terms or facility policies and procedures will result in immediate termination of this contract and loss of all equipment and facility privileges. I understand that the equipment is the property of UTEP and may NOT be loaned to any other person.

Lost or damaged equipment MUST be reported to the staff in the College of Education ( within twenty four (24) hours of the loss. Failure to report lost or damaged equipment to one of the said personnel will result in possible disciplinary or financial action taken at the discretion of one of the CoDirectors.

ALL equipment MUST be returned to the Education Computer Lab staff or college TIM (Jerry Urquiza) on or before the Equipment Return Due Date listed above. Failure to return equipment will result in actions including, but not limited to record encumbrances.


  1. Internal maintenance to any computer, controller, or device in the facility is prohibited.
  2. You are responsible for all accessories checked out with your equipment. They must be returned with the equipment or you will be financially responsible for them.


The UTEP Information Security Office (ISO) wants you to remain safe by making you aware of export regulations and the potential for device theft. 

Under export control regulations, any individual transporting a laptop or other storage device with encrypted data must seek an export license (may take up to 90-days to process).  Not seeking the appropriate export license may potentially subject the traveler to having the device(s) confiscated as a minimum, and possibly being charged/incarcerated.  Because some encrypted data or technology is by nature sensitive information or contains controlled technology, licensing may be required under Export Administration Regulations (EAR) or International Traffic in Arms Regulations 2009 (ITAR) in order to be able to “export or re-import” an encrypted device outside or back into The United States.  Please keep in mind that hand-carry travel items such as laptops, PDAs/smart phones, and software are subject to export controls.
Data considered an Information Resource or otherwise sensitive in nature by The University of Texas at El Paso shall not be transported out of the country.  The ISO recommends that the device be decrypted prior to traveling to non-participating countries; when in doubt contact the ISO.  Note that decrypting a device not containing a Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) may take up to 8 hours; please allow enough time before departure to decrypt the device.  Once the device is brought back into the United States it will need to be re-encrypted.  The following forms will be required when traveling to restricted countries:

If you opt to travel with your laptop, please carry it next to you in a taxi instead of placing it in the trunk.  Individuals have reported their property stolen when the taxi drives off with their belongings.

By following these guidelines, traveling with your laptop should be safe and worry-free.  Please review the Acceptable Use of Information Resources for more information and contact the Information Security Office if you have any questions at

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