A Better Beginning Conference for Novice and Mentor Teachers


Bilingual Educators Emphasizing Multicultural Settings


The CIRCLE Summer Institute promotes research and dialogue on equity and social justice for all learners in K-20 settings, with 2013 focus on underserved communities, workshops for educators in English and Spanish.

Do the Write Thing


In 1986, the Mother-Daughter Program was developed at the University of Texas at El Paso with the express purpose of empowering young Hispanic women. This rapidly growing segment of our nation's population has long been challenged by chronic academics under achievement leading to low paying jobs in the work force.


Project SABEMOS is a Training, Internship, Exchanges, and Scholarships (TIES) project, funded by USAID/HED that promotes economic growth and higher standards of living through improved educational opportunities for teachers working with children in underserved communities in the State of Chihuahua.