Program Description and Overview
The Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations offers two masters degrees:

  1. a M.Ed. in Educational Administration with focus on K-12 administration ; and  
  2. a M.A. in Education with focus on K-12 administration or educational leadership in higher education which includes writing a thesis. 

In addition to these two degrees, the department offers coursework leading to Texas certification in the areas of: 1) School Principal, and 2) School Superintendent.

I. M.Ed. in Educational Administration
Students who wish to pursue graduate study directed toward developing leadership knowledge and skills may pursue a master's degree in educational administration with focus on: A) K-12 school administration or B) leadership in higher education.

Focus on K-12 Administration
The 36 credit hour Master's of Education (M.Ed.) degree program in Educational Administration with emphasis on K-12 administration is designed to meet the needs of students seeking to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to becoming effective K-12 educational leaders. The program requires completion of a set of Foundation courses, General Administration courses, and Specialized Preparation courses.

Foundation Courses: All Foundation Courses must be taken prior to completing courses at the next level. All four courses will be offered every term throughout the academic year:

  • EDAD 5310 Administrative Leadership
  • EDAD 5312 Instructional Leadership
  • EDAD 5340 School-Community Leadership
  • EDRS 5307 Data-Based Decision Making

Advanced Administration Courses: The Advanced Administration Courses will be completed by all students admitted into the program. Prerequisites for registration will be successful completion of at least three of the four Foundation Courses. The fourth Foundation course may be in progress while the student registers for Advanced Administration courses. These courses include:

  • EDAD 5314 School-Based Budgeting
  • EDAD 5342 Educational Law
  • EDAD 5345 Educational Leadership in a Diverse Society
  • EDAD 5348 Administration of School Personnel & Services

Specialized Preparation Courses: The Specialized Preparation Courses may be completed while the student is also enrolled in one or more of the Advanced Administration Courses. These courses include:

  • EDAD 5311 Curriculum Renewal

Students also take three hours from:

  • SPED 5320 Special Education: Historical and Legal Basis
  • BED 5331 Bilingual/Bicultural Curriculum Design & Development
  • EDT 5372 Web Tools for the Constructivist Classroom (Fall only)
  • EDT 5375 Technology, Assistive Tools & Issues of Access (Spring only)
  • EDT 5376 Assessing, Planning, & Implementing Technology Programs in EC-12 (Summer only)

The purpose of these course offerings is to enable students without sufficient background and/or experiences to better understand major issues, trends, and practices associated with school administration in the areas of Special Education and Bilingual Education.

Internship Courses: In addition, students are required to take two Internship Courses as part of the degree plan and as a requirement for the Principal Certification. These courses include:

  • EDAD 5375 School Management Internship I
  • EDAD 5376 School Management Internship II

Exit Portfolio: Students will present a portfolio containing relevant and practical administrative-based material which includes a current resume, the Administrative Skills Assessment results (completed during EDAD 5310), an Educational Platform (completed during EDAD 5312), a community analysis paper (completed during EDAD 5340), along with other coursework activities as associated with the Learner-Centered Standards for Principals in Texas. The portfolio will be reviewed by faculty members and local expert school administrators to determine whether the individual student has demonstrated sufficient academic growth to warrant the granting of a Master's of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Educational Administration. 

 II. Master of Arts in Education
The Master of Arts degree in Education is a college-wide degree designed for students specializing in education who wish to pursue research and to continue studies beyond the master's degree. The department offers a M.A. in Education with focus on educational administration and leadership in higher education. A thesis and oral defense must be satisfactorily completed to meet the M.A. in Education degree requirements.

Focus on Educational Administration
The M.A. in Education with focus on Educational Administration requires the following:

  • K-12 Foundation courses (12 hours)
  • K-12 General Administration courses (12 hours)
  • K-12 Specialized courses (6 hours)
  • EDAD 5398 Thesis Research (3 hours)
  • EDAD 5399 Thesis Writing (3 hours)